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FAQs for Writers
Getting started
How do I edit my profile?
In the app, tap the Profile icon in the top left corner to open the profile menu. If you are not logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so now.

Next, tap “View Profile” within the menu. Tap the pencil icon in the top right corner to make your edits.

Please note that changes are not automatically saved, so be sure to tap “Save” at the bottom once done.
Holding calls
Holding calls
How do I create appointments?
Navigate to the “Schedule” page in the app and select the “+” icon in the bottom right corner to add your desired appointments. Make sure to choose your intended date, time, duration and price. 

Note: we will soon be rolling out new scheduling features, such as adding standing and recurring appointments.
How do I change appointments?
Currently, appointment details cannot be changed. Should you need to delete an appointment for any reason, you can easily remove it (see below).
How do I remove appointments?
Navigate to the “Schedule” page in the app and select the appointment(s) that you would like to remove (if unbooked) or cancel (if already booked) by selecting the trash can icon in the top right corner of the screen.
How should I think about pricing? 
You have complete control over pricing, but if you don’t know where to start, we are happy to make tailored suggestions. 

Most writers are currently pricing $50-$200 for 20-30 minute slots, with an average of $100. If you’re unsure what benchmarks to use, we suggest starting lower and increasing the price in light of increased interest or during more popular periods. We are currently developing tools to better optimize pricing, and will be sharing more soon.
How and when do I get paid?
We partner with Stripe, the global payments processor, because it is fast and secure, and doing so means that none of your financial data will ever touch our own servers.

After a conversation concludes, we process the payment. This can take a few business days, and you should see a payout to your account within a week.
How will readers find me on Skolay?
We recommend adding a link to your author page found on the Skolay website to your social media profiles, Goodreads, and/or anywhere else your readers are likely to find you. 

It’s also a good idea to personalize it a bit if you make a post. Something like: 

You can now find me on @SkolayOfficial! Book 1:1 calls to chat all things…
Speak soon! [Your link]
What are the Refund, No-Show, and Cancellation Policies?
Writers may cancel at any time without penalty.

Cancellations made by readers within 24 hours of the booked start time will be charged 25% of the total cost out of respect for your time. Otherwise, no fee will be charged.

Should there be any other case in which you would like us to issue a refund, please reach out to us directly at with the subject line “Refund Request.” 

Please note: we will be continually updating this page with more FAQs.
For readers
Getting started
Getting started
What kinds of conversations can I have on Skolay?
Skolay means “purposeful leisure” in ancient Greek, and the best conversations stay true to that spirit. Skolay is not for official research or quotes, not for solicitation, and not for anything you wouldn’t ask in public.
How do I book a call on Skolay?
If you already have a link to a writer’s Skolay calendar, you can simply follow the link and select an available time.

Otherwise, use the search bar at the top of Home page in the Skolay app to search a writer by name, then tap the writer’s name in the search results, and tap the “Book 1:1” button in the bottom right corner.

Should no appointments be available, you may use the purple “ping” feature to alert the writer that someone is interested in talking with them!
How do I cancel a call?
Within the app, you can find all of your scheduled calls under “Schedule” in the bottom menu bar. Simply tap to open the “Schedule” page, tap the appointment you wish to cancel, tap “Cancel” and confirm. You can find our cancellation policy here [link].
How does payment work?
Within the app, tap your profile photo in the top left corner to open up a menu.

Next, tap “Payment” in the menu to add your card to your profile.

When booking a conversation on Skolay, you will always see the price (whether it’s free or paid), just as you will see a date and time. This price represents the total amount – there’s no hidden fees or expenses!

For paid calls, a hold will be put on your card at the time of booking; this is not a charge! You will only ever be charged once the call begins. For our Refund, No-Show and Cancellation Policies, see our Terms and Conditions here [link].

We partner with Stripe to ensure secure, simple and quick payment. For more information about Stripe’s best-in-class security, see **[Security at Stripe]( PCI-certified auditor has,level of security at Stripe.).**