Skolay is a space for 1:1 office hours.

In Ancient Greece, Sko-LAY (σχολή) meant wise, purposeful leisure — not idleness, but the basis of learning and culture.


What's so special about Skolay?

Everyone you see wants to have 1:1 conversations with people like you.
Follow up with a familiar face or discover someone new.

No more cold-calling.
No more uncertainty. 



Relevant notifications - because your time is valuable. 
Get alerts when a Fellow you follow is available, when a call has been booked, and when it's time to talk.


Relevant notifications - because we know your time is valuable. 
Be alerted when a Peer you follow has new availability, when a conversation has been booked, and when you have an upcoming call.

Schedule seamlessly.

Adding new appointments is quick and easy.
Create multiple appointments at once using the "Repeat Weekly" feature. Or, add them
one by one!

Following up
made easy.

A calendar built for 1:1 conversations. 
Two modalities make scheduling super convenient. Select a future time or use "Talk Now" to talk instantly.

Raise money for causes that matter.

Personalize your giving by tying conversations to causes you care about.  
From global NGOs to local charities, and everything in between — all with total control. 

made painless.

Stripe integration makes sending and receiving money fast, convenient, and secure.
Add multiple cards to your wallet and track all payments and payouts in real-time.