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Moses Sternstein
Moses Sternstein
Business and econ writing and discovery at Random Walk
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Talk soon,

Welcome Friend

On my mind

Turning curiosity into a super power. Better, smarter business and financial writing and content. Under-appreciated thoughts and ideas (longs) and over-appreciated thoughts and ideas (shorts). Who can help me learn, and how can I help you learn?

Why I'm excited to talk with readers

I love to meet interesting people doing interesting things. I can nerd out about finance, tech, investing, writing, company-building, the works. I've done a lot of things and have a knack for seeing things differently, but still clearly, and if I can be helpful, I will. I promise not to tell you what you want to hear.


I love to talk about investing, but I do not give investing advice!

And also

Fox, not a hedgehog, but I get along with hedgehogs just fine.

Besos y abrazos,


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Random Walk is where investors

  • data people;
  • entrepreneurs; and other
  • infovores and lifelong learners

. . . discover ideas and data they would have missed.

Random Walk covers:

  • Macro
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Real Estate, Migration and Demographics
  • Technology and AI
  • Private and public markets

. . . and anything else that makes the world turn.

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