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Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Nonfiction writer and author of forthcoming book about Mt. Rushmore, experienced leader in cultural diplomacy
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Talk soon,

Hello and welcome

On my mind

Right now, I am thinking all about Mt. Rushmore, the subject of my next book. So the history of the Black Hills of South Dakota are on mind, as are the Lakota, the relationship between the U.S. and Lakota Nation, and the purpose and evolution of monuments and memorials that memorialize American history.

More generally, I love talking about books I am reading or you're reading, especially ones that are internationally-based, artfully political, or swim in the wakes of history. I also love great crime stories--in literature or on film. As a dad of two young boys, fatherhood is frequently on my mind, and how having kids impacts my work and perspective. Finally, travel, different cultures, and countries always interest me, especially when paired with books: literature from a certain country or region, or how travel impacts your reading and writing habits.

Why I'm excited to talk with readers

I spend much of my day with my thoughts and in books, so I love great conversation after an extended period of writing. It's like coming up for air or recharging my creative batteries. ‍I'm excited to connect with readers to learn more about how you read? What books impact you? What role do books, readers, and writers have in this crazy world we're living in right now? 


Nothing too personal just for personal's sake. If it's within the context of our conversation, great! But otherwise I'd like engage more about reading, writing, and big ideas.


I always wanted to be a detective. I once called the DC Police Department asking if I needed to be a beat cop or if I could just jump to detective. I was saddened to learn there is no fast track, alas.

Thanks and hope to connect soon,


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Matthew Davis
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When Things Get Dark

A Mongolian Winter's Tale

At 23, Matt Davis moved to a remote Mongolian town to teach English.What he found when he arrived was a town—and a country—undergoing wholesale change from a traditional, countryside existence to a more urban, modern identity. When Things Get Dark documents these changes through the Mongolians Matt meets, but also focuses on the author's downward spiral into alcohol abuse and violence--a scenario he saw played out by many of the Mongolian men around him. Matt's self-destruction culminates in a drunken fight with three men that forces him to a hospital to have his kidneys X-rayed. He hits bottom in that cold hospital room, his body naked and shivering, a bloodied Mongolian man staring at him from an open door, the irrational thought in his head that maybe he is going to die there. His personal struggles are balanced with insightful descriptions of customs and interactions, and interlaced with essays on Mongolian history and culture that make for a fascinating glimpse of a mysterious place and people.

“Both a raw personal examination and an insightful look at Mongolian history and culture, Davis' illuminating memoir sheds light on a remote region.”


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