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Martin Turnbull
Martin Turnbull
Historical fiction author focused on life during Hollywood's studio era (1920s to 1950s)
Historical Fiction
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Talk soon,

Hi there!

On my mind

Los Angeles history, Hollywood history, cinema, historical fiction, how to go about indie publishing.

Why I'm excited to talk with readers

As an author, I'm in the communication game, and there's nothing I love more than an invigorating conversation with someone who's as interested and curious in all aspects of life as I am.

All the best,

Martin Turnbull

Let's talk! Open to...👇
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How to jump into the indie publishing game so that you can get your work out into the world so that you can find readers of your own.
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Book a 1:1 with Martin TurnbullBook a 1:1 with Martin Turnbull
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You Must Remember This

A novel of World War II Hollywood

As World War II draws to a close, Luke Valenti returns to Los Angeles, eager to be reunited with his love. But the Navy has other plans, thrusting Luke into the spotlight and putting a target on his back. Meanwhile, Nell Davenport finds success as a rising songwriter, unaware that her newfound fame may have dangerous consequences. In a world forever changed by war, can Luke and Nell navigate their way to a happy ending, or will their pasts come back to haunt them?

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Thank Your Lucky Stars

A novel of World War II Hollywood

After waving her sweetheart, Luke, off to war, Nell Davenport encounters an unexpected entanglement that will change Hollywood forever.

With combat raging across Europe and the Pacific, jobs of all kinds are now open to women on the home front. Nell sets her sights on the publicity department of the Warner Bros. movie studios as she develops a surprising bond with star Humphrey Bogart. But when a captivating 19-year-old is cast opposite Bogie in To Have and Have Not, the newcomer’s arrival threatens to alter the course of Nell’s blossoming friendship.

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